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The Cat Collaborative is a Philadelphia-based trap-neuter-return (TNR) organization devoted to helping homeless cats in our city.

The Cat Collaborative was founded in 2021 to create best-practices in TNR. Our organization combats the overpopulation of community cats, reduces the number of kittens born outside, and offers a better quality of life for the cats that already exist.

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Every cat that wants a home, deserves a home

That's one of our founding principles. To achieve this goal, we partner with local and out-of-state animal rescues to get friendly cats off the streets and into a rescue where there’s a promise of a loving life indoors.

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Helping pet cats seek vet care

Recognizing Philadelphia’s unique landscape, our multifaceted approach doesn't stop at helping just stray cats; we believe that pets and their owners should also have access to free sterilization services. Since 2023, The Cat Collaborative has expanded their offerings to include free spay/neuter services to pet cats.

Do you have a pet cat that needs to be fixed? Find out how we can help!

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The Cat Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.