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Be a friend to homeless and in-need cats

The Cat Collaborative relies on dedicated volunteers to provide a large volume of aid for cats. There are many ways to contribute to the aid and relief of Philadelphia's cat community. Read through our volunteer opportunities below to find out how you could be of assistance.

If you have a special talent or skill that you think could be an asset to our organization and it is not listed, please email us at info@thecatcollaborative.org - we'd love to hear your ideas!


Volunteer opportunities

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Trapping cats is the most impactful way to help the cats of Philadelphia. This includes setting traps in order to contain the cats to get them spay/neutered, vaccinated, and flea treated. Through TNR, you can prevent dozens of cats from being born into a life of suffering with each cat you trap. We have the resources to make it easy for you to get involved!

Volunteers can help care for the cats that have been trapped pre-surgery and while they are recovering from their sterilization surgery. This is very rewarding work and gives you the opportunity to show compassion to cats who may have never been shown an ounce of kindness.
Whether it is getting trapped cats to and from the clinic or taking friendly cats in carriers to foster or rescue, we are always looking for reliable transporters! This is a huge need that we are constantly trying to fill.
We are always in need of food donations that we can share with the folks who are taking care of outdoor cats! We also need volunteers to help coordinate getting the donated food to the caretakers.
If you are organized and responsible, we need your help! Assist us with the countless administrative tasks that never end.
Fostering is one of the most fun ways to help cats. The more foster homes that are available, the more cats that can be helped. We generally ask that our foster parents provide the day to day necessities, such as food and litter, and we cover all the vetting and medical expenses. We work hard to find the perfect match between foster homes and foster cats.